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Some factors to consider when choosing a machine tool repair company include its experience in the business, the types of machine tools they repair, and the company’s reputation. Read More…

Machine Tool Repair Machine tool repair is an incredibly important service for the manufacturing industry as well as any other machinery dependent industry.

If you need to get your critical system back up and running again as quickly as possible, PSI has what you need. Since 1967, PSI Repair Services has been a reliable and trusted resource in the field of industrial machinery repair. Our services include a free evaluation, performance test, and warranty on all repair work. We also offer surplus parts and industry-leading engineering services to help ...

Precision Service Machine Tool Rebuilder, Inc. $$$

Peiffer® Machine Services offers rebuilding services, machinery repair and machine tool repair for all electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic machine systems.

Peiffer® Machine Services $$$

Basically, four words describe KRC Machine Tool Solutions; rebuild, remanufacture, retrofit and service. We offer machine tool repair and machine tool rebuilding for most models of most manufacturers for horizontal and vertical machining centers and boring mills, horizontal lathes (25hp and up) and grinders.

KRC Machine Tool Solutions $$$

Columbia Machine Works are machinery rebuilders offering rebuilding services, remanufacturing, machinery repair and press rebuilding. We also custom produce gears, provide design and engineering services and offer plate and structural fabrication. We're a family-owned business, and our team is dedicated to providing stellar service and maintaining customer relationships. Visit our website for...

Columbia Machine Works, Inc. $$$

Since 1988, our machinery repair business has focused on industrial pumps, heat exchangers, gearboxes and cylinders. As a machine shop, we offer fabrication services as well. Our machine rebuilder services are used by power plants throughout the West. We are AW Chesterton distributors.

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Machine tools must be able to remove metal from a workpiece while holding the cutting tools. A "down" machine tool is a problem that requires attention right away since it leads to decreased output, limited capacity, and lost income. Machine tool repair puts a malfunctioning or ineffective machine back in working order. Repairs are restoration work done when an asset breaks, is damaged, or ceases to function.

Manual Machine Tool Repair

Signs That the Machine Tool Needs Repair

  1. Tool Age: Machine tools should be evaluated regularly to check for wear and tear and determine if they need to be fixed. The machine tool ages with time and frequency of use, which means that if it is used for an extended period, it will age, and if it is used more frequently, it will age faster. Machine tool inspection should be done every six months by a professional to get a heads-up on when to repair or change the machine tool.
  2. Strange Noises: Warning signals of a malfunction mainly come in the form of funny and unusual noises, making it easier to spot the faults in the machine tool. These funny noises should not be ignored, as they are crucial in saving both the machine and the tool.
  3. Difficulty of Use: If the machine tool is not functioning properly, it has been damaged somehow and is due for service. A machine tool that has stopped working due to being caught on something or for any other reason should be inspected first to avoid further damage. Likewise, using a machine tool that is misbehaving is a hazard to the operators.
  4. Obvious Buildup: When storing a machine tool for a lengthy period, it is ideal to clean it thoroughly to have it in good working condition for later use. However, a machine tool should be set aside and waiting for an evaluation from a specialist before being used when some type of buildup, such as rust, feed, or anything unidentifiable, has accumulated and clogged it.
Machine Tools

Levels of Repair

The degree of failure producing an asset's dysfunction determines the extent of repair that is required. Two primary types of equipment failure exist.

  • Partial Failure: The asset still works, but only to a limited extent. There are also possible security risks. Before the discovered problem causes the asset to fail, corrective measures can restore its health and functionality. In this case, despite the failure, the asset still functions somewhat. The apparatus is still operable, but it is either dangerous or ineffective. For instance, a motorist may drive while the air filter is unclean. However, he might notice that the air conditioning isn't as frigid as it once was or that the air quality is so bad that he starts to sneeze. In general, minor failures should be fixed as soon as feasible to prevent full breakdowns from occurring at inopportune times.
  • Complete Failure: Most machine failures are due to the operator’s negligence and not paying attention to small signs. Repairing a machine tool from complete failure requires a lot of time, and the expense is quite high. However, the cost of unplanned downtime brought on by asset breakdown requires quick maintenance. A machine tool should not fail, as this would compromise the operator's safety.

Importance of Machine Tool Repair and Maintenance

  • Keeps tools working better and longer
  • Catch defects, dings, and other damage
  • It prevents delays due to malfunctioning tools.
  • Keeps employees safe
  • Maximize tool investment

Advantages of Machine Tool Repair

  • No planning is needed.
  • Lower, short-term costs
  • It is a simplified process; no extra equipment is needed for fault identification compared to maintenance.
  • Less time is consumed.
  • Increases machine tool life without the need for repair

Disadvantages of Machine Tool Repair

  • If the potential faults are not protected, the system may sustain damage.
  • When operations are paused, productivity and potential losses are reduced.
  • Increases labor costs
  • Faults can cause overall system failure, which creates an unsafe working environment.
Machine Tool (Lathe)


A machine tool is a device used to manufacture components for various products using a subtractive cutting method. The four fundamental components of the manufacturing process are contained in machine tools. These components are an energy source for constrained relative motion and a way to secure the work, secure and orient the tool, and regulate the first two. Actions can be taken to restore an asset's functionality. In essence, machine tool repair involves fixing something that isn't functioning properly. Failure can occur in two different ways. Depending on the kind of asset failure, different levels of repairs may be needed.

Choosing the Proper Machine Tool Repair Company

To make sure you have the most constructive outcome when purchasing Machine Tool Repair from a Machine Tool Repair Company, it is important to compare at least 5 Suppliers using our list of Machine Tool Repair companies. Each Machine Tool Repair Company has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each Machine Tool Repair company website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each company specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple Machine Tool Repair businesses with the same message.


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