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The term “machinery rebuilders” is a label that has been largely replaced by the now-common “remanufacturer.” Both terms, however, are valid and refer to service companies that, in order to increase equipment life, replace and/or take apart, clean, and repair different machines and machine parts. Machinery rebuilders services the parts and products of a wide variety of industries, including automotive, computer electronics, photography, industrial manufacturing, green energy, and printing.

Machinery rebuilders offer three main types of rebuilding: repair, rebuilding/remanufacturing, and retrofitting. The goal of repair services is to restore a machine either by replacing a malfunctioning part or putting a part back together that had been broken or ripped. Repair services can be viewed as a short-term solution or a quick fix. They do not address the long-term needs of a machine. For a more complete transformation of a part or the complete overhaul of a machine, owners should seek out rebuilding/remanufacturing services. These involve the disassembly and recovery of a piece of equipment or a machine. Recovery starts at the module level and eventually graduates to the component level.

In other words, remanufacturing services are not done until a machine or machine part is completely restored to its original state. This commitment to quality is the reason that refurbished machines usually offer such comparable performances and service lives to brand new machines. Finally, retrofitting is an updating service used to provide equipment with devices, parts, or technology that was either not available or not common when the equipment was first manufactured. Read More…Request for Quote

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Rebuilding and remanufacturing service styles are broken down into three main groups: rebuilding without identity loss, repetitive rebuilding without identity loss, and rebuilding with the loss of the original product identity. If a machine is manufactured using the first method, customers can expect the machine body to be fully inspected for soundness, for modules to be updated, overhauled or replaced, for defects to be corrected, and for their equipment to come back with the expected life and warranty of a brand new machine.

Repetitive rebuilding without identity loss is like the process before it, but with the added element of scheduling the sequence of dependent processes and identifying the location of inventory buffers. Note that this process is close to but does not quite involve a full overhaul. Finally, the last remanufacturing service method involves disassembling used products, refurbishing their parts and then dividing them into inventoried groups, ready to be reassembled into a remanufactured product.

There are many types of services under the repair services umbrella. In industrial manufacturing, these commonly include press repair, pump repair, and tool repair. The term “press repair services” applies to the repair of any equipment or machines that are used to exert force or pressure onto a part or material. There are quite a few different types of industrial presses, but some that often need repairs include C presses, hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, printing presses, and stamping presses.

Next, pump repair services are a somewhat broader category that covers many dissimilar pump configurations, such as centrifugal pumps, hydraulic pumps, metering pumps, and vacuum pumps. Basically, if a device or machine is used to transfer, compress, or raise fluids, it qualifies as a pump and is eligible for pump repair services. Finally, tool repair services are the broadest category. In this context, tools are defined as devices that are used to facilitate or execute either mechanical or manual tasks. As such, tool repairs can be performed on just about anything, from pressure sensors to power tools.

Some other repair service categories that are a little less widespread than the above three include gearbox repair, spindle repair, and ball screw repair. Gearboxes are the protective metal casings in which gear systems are housed for their protection. Gearbox services are important to many industries, but they are especially important to aerospace, automotive, and industrial manufacturing applications. Due to the many different gearbox styles, like spur, helical, and planetary, and the consequential differences in the boxes that hold them, gearbox repair services can be quite broad as well.

Spindles are pins or rods, tapered at one end and weighted on the other by a disc or spherical object called a whorl. They may also be accessorized with a hook, notch, or groove at the top, which helps guide yarn. Spindles are used to hand-spin and twist fiber into yarn. Spindle repair services are not very extensive, but they are important to the textile industry.

Ball screw repairs, on the other hand, are a frequently sought after service. Ball screws are mechanical linear actuators that transform rotational movement into linear motion. Because they require a lot of care to maintain efficiency, ball screw servicers are likely to have a good amount of business.

Machinery rebuilders do the important job of fixing machines and refurbishing machines, which not only helps businesses save money, but helps the environment as they reuse and recycle resources and help equipment run more efficiently. Remanufacturing contributes to the affordability and health of all sorts of machines, from Nintendos and other gaming machines, to air conditioning units, to bakery equipment, to hydraulic systems. To find out more, contact a reputable machinery rebuilder today.

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