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De Pere, WI

Experts from Dürr MEGTEC provide equipment refurbishment and optimization. Examples of our work include: the replacement of dryer air bars for air management improvement, ceramic media upgrades and heat exchanger replacements to extend oxidizer equipment life, conversion of a catalytic oxidizer to an RCO for energy savings, closed-loop energy management opportunities and other rebuilds.

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Machine Rebuilding

Rebuilt Milling Machine

Machine rebuilding is the process of reconstructing a machine by removing all its parts and repairing them or replacing them with OEM original components in order to bring a machine up to manufacturer specifications...

Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press is a mechanical device that uses the static pressure of a liquid, as defined by Pascal‘s principle, to shape, deform, and configure various types of metals, plastics, rubber, and wood. The mechanism of a hydraulic press consists of a mainframe, power system, and controls...

Power Presses

Power Presses

A power press machine is a hydraulic machine used to cut, bend, shape, and press any metal sheet into a required shape. A power press is a multi-faceted machine for shaping metal sheets in order to...

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