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If you are in need of a reliable, durable gear solution for your application, look no further than Precision Pump and Gear Works (PPG). We are a company who specializes in the rebuilding and reconditioning of gearboxes, drivers, and speed reducers. Formed in 1986, we have built our reputation on high quality renovation of a wide range of gears. If the gears are broken, chipped, or worn out, no repair project is too difficult for us. We repair all types of gears including cast iron, carburized, steel, worm gears, bronze, internal, and external. Our team of expert staff members have the experience to troubleshoot the problem, develop and execute a solution, and respond in a timely manner whenever our customers have any questions or concerns. We determine the cause of failure, and take note of any signs of wear and tear such as overload, misalignment, or overexposure to heat. All of our work is carried out to the specifications of the original manufacturer. We use genuine spare parts or reverse engineering replacement components where they are needed. When other manufacturers try to sell you new gears but you are hesitant to part with the ones you have, you can count on PPG to save you up to 60% from O.E.M. Our additional support services include: - Complete inspections - Reconditioning - Preparation of gear boxes for long-term storage Numerous industries have benefitted greatly from our repair services. They include lime & gypsum, rubber, mining & quarries, pharmaceutical, power plants, construction, and more. No matter what your industry, our team can find the solution that will restore your equipment and save your business time and money. For a more in-depth look at our services and capabilities, visit our website. For other inquiries, give us a call. A PPG representative will be ready to assist you!

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